Here it comes

On 19 July2014,

I arrived Nagoya Japan. Getting myself to be familiar with Japan. I stared at the notice screen for few minutes and realized that it took me years to understand what the posters are talking about! DSC_7470

I choose to ask… Taking my mouth for granted…=P I waited for my other friends to arrive in Japan. Then we took the train to Nagoya city… DSC_7472DSC_7475

On the train towards the City, I just cant believe I am standing in Japan! Harlo! japan! Konnichiwa! This is just amazing!

Then we walk around and mesmerized by Japan wordings and stuff! to be exact!

Times buying tickets, times for directions… Well at least, i didn’t waste my japanese speaking reading and writing ability!=)

DSC_7553DSC_7477 After checking in,time to grab some lunch! Starving! Udon time then… Oiishii~~slurp~

DSC_7495DSC_7492 Nagoya Castle time First time visiting Japan Traditional castle…

Amazed by the stairs we learnt.. scissors staircase was designed last time! Come on! we are so out dated! =) the castle was renovated and for the interior is typically museum… They did remain the exterior. The copper, the gold and thus you’ll see the age…

Carvings, believes, cultures and ended with this castle. Tada~

City time when we are carving for dinner… Nightlife in the city and lights everywhere! performance and shops,stalls… Is just like hawker center! DSC_7533 DSC_7527DSC_7525

 —-end of 19july2014——-


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